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Whenever I do OOC stuff or in-journal with CFUD!Toboe, I'm actually going to post it in [personal profile] plzdontoustme so it does not get mixed up with Kitsunebi/Toboe's registry/meme stuff. If you want STATS/PERMISSIONS on CFUD!Toboe or his thread logs, go to that journal.

This journal is ONLY for Kitsunebi/Toboe, outside of actual in-game threading since two versions are obviously sharing the same name for that.

I apologize for the confusion.
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[ One victorious puppy is loping back toward Tiger's Eye, with flowers! ]
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Memory 44: Darcia's Keep

Memory goes here until the end of the scene and then picks up here (skip all scenes w/o Toboe.)

What he learns?
- They tracked Cheza's scent to Darcia's keep.
- Blue's owner was there and she was super worried.
- Kiba was fighting Darcia and was badly hurt. 8(
- And then everything BLEW UP. DDDD8

What this means in Aather?

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This skill gives Toboe the ability to recover a broken illusion without too much difficulty and use the skill whenever he wants.

It's also his last skill. 8(
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Memory 43: Interrogating the captain of the soldiers

Memory goes here until the OP, picks up again at 5:35 until the wolves leave again.

What he learns?
- They willingly pursued a firefight among humans because the soldiers there were the same ones that took Cheza.
- He was pretty cool in the fight.
- They ended up saving the men who originally tried to take Cheza from them in the forest. In return, he told them how to reach Jagara to regain Cheza.
- Kiba is so cool.

What this means in Aather?

It's good to have a reminder that he can be cool in a fight. :3 He actually helped his friends, even if he did leave them later... (Toboe has no sense of when things happen or the ability to question their chronology like humans.)
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Memory 42: Food from Cole

Memory goes here to 2:10. I'm assuming Toboe can hear what's being said even though you can't see him in the scene. Toboe has the best hearing out of the pack.

What he learns?
- Tsume was discouraged about paradise after the old wolf told them they couldn't find it, but Kiba couldn't stop believing in it.
- Kiba said believing in paradise was just part of him, like breathing. Wow.
- Kiba wandered off while one of Zali's pack, Cole, brought them food. Hige was excited, as usual.
- Cole wants them to stay in the city, which pissed Tsume off.

What this means in Aather?
Mostly, Toboe is in awe of how strongly Kiba can believe in paradise, even when people tell him it's not real or a mistake. He knows Kiba has to be right and wishes he could feel that strongly about something.
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Memory 41: Deciding to leave the pack

Memory starts at 2:20 and goes until end of scene and then picks up again at 7:27 and goes to the end of the scene.

What he learns?
- He wanted to stay with some people he found in the mountains, even though it was obvious that Tsume and Hige were upset about him not coming with him.
- Where was Kiba?
- He wanted to stay because he was upset about always holding everyone back and it felt relaxed in the mountains. He felt like the others would have a better chance without him in the way.
- He didn't think he had what it takes to make it to paradise.
- The mountain horse was trying to encourage him.

What this means?
This is kind of a kick to Toboe's confidence since it tells him that he pretty much quit on his journey. Note, Toboe doesn't understand timelines so he has no idea whether this came before or after he got captured. It would make just as much sense if he got captured in this place than if he changed his mind and got captured after. But this memory is mostly full of sucky feelings that he doesn't have what it takes to reach his goals and that he's just always causing trouble for everyone and letting them down. 8( Bummer memory.
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Memory 40: Killing a hawk

Memory starts at 4:02 and goes until Tsume snatches Toboe.

What he learns?
- He killed Leara's bird. 8(
- That's how she learned he was a wolf and why she was scared of him in his other memory.
- He's a terrible puppy. 8(
- Tsume saved him.

What this means in Aather?

What if he accidentally hurts other pets? He has to be super careful. ;; He has to learn to control his strength better so he doesn't scare anyone like that ever again. 8(
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Memory 39: Finding Cheza

Memory goes here through until they leave the water area.

What he learns?
- Pretty much, he knew most of the things he sees in this memory so it's really just re-experiencing SO MANY GOOD FEELINGS. That and he can now connect the way Cheza makes him feel with the way Kitsune makes him feel. :x
- Kiba led them straight to Cheza by pure instinct. So cool!

What this means in Aather?

Nothing really, except for the Kitsune thing mentioned above.
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This basically means that Toboe will be able to use his human illusion whenever he wants BUT he still won't be able to recover a broken illusion unless it's night. o/
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Memory 38: Fighting with Tsume

Memory goes here at 2:57 until the end of the scene and then picking up at 6:57 until the end of the scene.

What he learns?
- He was worried about someone screaming, but Tsume said it was just a machine. :/
- Tsume said it was dumb to go back to Leara since she was scared of him.
- Tsume can be really cruel sometimes! But... it's just because he's scared and doesn't want to be alone.
- He regrets saying some of the things he said to Tsume then, like that Tsume was only friends with humans because they'd always listen to him.
- Tsume kicked him out. :(

What it means in Aather?
This is the first memory Toboe has of him being really kind of bitchy to someone so while it shows him he can do it, the result wasn't very nice so he might actually try to avoid it. :x Also, sad feelings about Leara. :(
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Memory 36: Rakuen

Memory goes here until after Toboe asks Kiba about lunar flowers.

What he learns?
- It's nice to dream about Paradise, especially if Granny's in it. :)
- The others just don't understand...
- This was before he ever saw lunar flowers. He knows what they look like no!
- Tsume's still a jerk sometimes. :/

What this means in Aather?

This is a significant memory since it's the first time Toboe ever dreamed about Paradise, but aside from it being pleasant, there's nothing that would really effect him in Aather. He already likes talking about Paradise and by now, he's already received his memory of finding lunar flowers with the others so nothing major.
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Memory 36: Meeting Tsume

Memory starts at 3:08 and ends at the end of the scene.

What he learns?
- This must be after Tsume saved him from Quent.
- Tsume did not want to be around him. :(
- Tsume has a human pack too.

What this means in Aather?

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Memory 35: Reunion with Blue

Memory starts at 6:00 and ends with the scene when Blue leaves.

What he learns?
- Something happened to them before this. They're all recovering from something and Kiba was hurt the worst.
- This is after they lost Cheza. :(
- This is when they first joined up with Blue.
- They had to fight some guys who wanted to cut open their bodies. D:
- But it did feel great to defeat them! :)
- He wasn't so sure about accepting Blue at first because of how she hunted him...
- Cheza told Blue she was half-wolf. Blue hoped to see her again. :(

What this means?

Humans are TERRIFYING sometimes. Also, Cheza feels. :( And a better understanding of Hige's feelings for Blue because of Kitsune-crush. :x
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Memory 34: Sleeping with Tsume

Memory starts around 4:32 until the end. Skip the parts without Toboe.

What he learns?
- Everyone was fighting again. :(
- But Tsume let him sleep with him and that was really nice and warm. ^^
- Zali is letting his pack be used like dogs to drag carts for the humans! And they're whipping them! D:
- The old wolf from earlier died while doing this. DD:
- Kiba and Zali fought over since Kiba finds the idea disgusting. :(

What this means in Aather?

It just makes him sad for the way people treat animals. :( It might make him moody. It does make him miss Tsume even more. :(
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Wolf's Rain wolves have incredible jumping abilities. As in, they can scale buildings in just a few leaps and jump from extraordinarily high heights. They can also fall from great distances and land fairly well. So Toboe will have NO trouble reaching things from now on. 8D
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Memory 33: Fighting through the mountain

Memory goes here, starting at 7:00 and ending with the episode. Skip parts without Toboe.

What he learns?
- All of the other flower maidens are dead. Well, he kind of knew this from a previous memory, but it's sad to see it. :(
- More people with guns chasing them for finding Cheza. This must be why Tsume was so suspicious of her at first.
- Kiba is really scary when it comes to dealing with humans. D:
- Kiba was always obsessed with Cheza.

What this means in Aather?

Just more sad about the flower maidens being dead. :(
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Memory 32 - Captured by Jagara

Memory goes here, starting at 7:10 until scene switch. There's also something at the very beginning of this file.

What he learns?
- He and Tsume got captured in the Black City. It must've been when Hige ran away from him and Blue.
- Someone is killing wolves.
- There's a man here too for some reason. He knows Cheza?
- Cheza is also being held prisoner somewhere1 D:

What this means in Aather?

Welp, this is certainly not a GOOD memory. Toboe will be really shaken up after it and worried about his friends. D:
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Memory 31: Graveyard

Memory goes here starting at 9:20 and here through 2:10.

What he learns?
- It's always hard to find food on their travels. :(
- Tsume is so mean!
- Other wolves have seen lunar flowers too!
- Why does the way to Paradise smell like death? That can't be good. ;;
- The leader of the pack in this city doesn't like them at all.

What it means in Aather?
This memory will give Toboe some rockier feelings about Paradise since the way there seems pretty dangerous.... It will also push him to try to pretend he's less afraid of things. :x